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Press on Gel Nail Home DIY Starter Trial Kit Manicure Set Soft Gel Nail Tip Full Cover/Half Cover ULTRA NARROW False Nail Holder

Press on Gel Nail Home DIY Starter Trial Kit Manicure Set Soft Gel Nail Tip Full Cover/Half Cover ULTRA NARROW False Nail Holder

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Gel colour

A great starter kit to start to make your own press-on nails or start a press-on nail business at home.

Gel Nail Home DIY Starter Trial Kit Manicure Set valued at $68 AUD


1: 1 box of 250pcs/12size clear long Almond soft gel nail tip

2: Mini Size Base Coat by LUMIQO (8g). This base can create an adhesive bond between the nail plate/press-on and gel products. Specically formulated
to provide 3 weeks+ of wear without separation or peeling. Provides the perfect base to build a vibrant long-lasting nail enhancement!

3: Mini Size Gel Colour polish by LUMIQO (8g) . There are a few colours available to pick from, please choose one from the menu. Apply the gel colour after base coat, will give you an even and trace-free colour coat. Apply a thin layer each time and cure for 30s under UV or UV/LED light source. Colour can be built up by applying multiple layers.

4: Mini Size No Wipe Top Coat - Proctor by LUMIQO. This no wipe top coat does not require cleansing after cure and will form an extra glossy and hard shell to add extra protection. Use over LUMIQO soak-off gel polish will prolong the wear of your gel nails. Designed to be used over any gel, acrylic, poly gel, or hard gel.

5: ULTRA NARROW Press on nail False Nail Holder, the ultra-narrow stand surface will fit the smallest nail tip. The nail art practice stand set includes five holders and one base to display your nail art and practice nail art as well. Every holder has a magnetic bottom. To stick press-on nails onto the holder, you can use double Sided Nail Adhesive Glue Tabs, which come with this purchase.

6: Phone Powered UV/Led Portable Light for Gel Polish Manicure (Optional). Both Lighting and Type C plug are available. Colour White - Lightning plug, Colour Pink - Type C plug

All Apple devices with the iOS system, including iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, iPod nano, and other Apple devices.

Android phones need to support the OTG function and must be turned on before use.

1. Do not place near water, fire, or strong electromagnetic site;
keep out of reach of children, and prohibit children under 6 years old from using it alone.
2. Do not power on for a long time, suggested continuous operation no longer than 10 minutes
3. Do not stare into the UV light
4. Do not expose to the skin for a long time
5. Do not use corrosive chemicals to clean the product

1. Wipe the quartz glass with a cloth
2. Keep it dry and clean
3. Wipe after extended periods of non-use
4. Store in a cool place

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